Taiwo Oladele

Poet, Writer, Nutritionist, Life Coach

Hey there! Wish on a lamp, a genie lives here.

If you’d have me grant you something, I’d grant you your desires of fun, adventure, creativity, spontaneity, education, insights, motivation or something for the ride. If you are here, I can assure you on good grounds that you are in for a ride// and for this I must say, welcome aboard. I am Taiwo Oladele, your pilot/captain and conductor for the ride.

We cannot avoid the bumps, therefore a smooth voyage is not promised, because the mind of a writer is almost always a beautiful chaos. Again, I must say, fasten your seat belts and let us journey through together.

Before we set sail, permit me to interest you with a little about myself, as I attempt to help relax the quizzical expression of your face.

Taiwo Oladele is an award winning poet, seasoned writer, literary enthusiast, life-coach, and a tireless advocate for morality, freedom of expression and mental health. Despite holding a Master of Science (M.Sc. in view) degree in Animal Science, with which he doubles as an Animal Scientist, he identifies better with the literary and creative arts industry.

What I do
  • Poetry
  • Ghostwriting
  • Freelance writing
  • Life-coaching