27, Destiny close,

Providence lodge,

Faith on fate Boulevard,

A place in location and allocation,

Somewhere under the endless roof.

This day and month in the year of our Lord.

The unseen headquarters,

The skyscraper in the very sky,

A place called heaven.

LETTER TO GOD 3- gratitude and musings

Dear God,

I dare to put forward that I got your password. I can feel you smiling at my joke right now, LOL to you too. I wish there was an emoji in prayers, I would have sent you a big smile, a big heart and a thumbs up emoji. I am certain you read my heart like it is the inscription on the daily dosage of the bottle of praise you sip on. Oh God, I slipped! I shouldn’t have said praise, that’s letting the cat out of the bag on the password I said I got. Seriously, who am I deceiving; you are the seer of intents, the knower of thought before it forms. I know you know I love you, you know I am happily yours and you are mine, you knew the password before I even realized it was your password and you know this letter was to psych you as usual in anticipation of another blessing.

Dear Lord, I appreciate your many little wonders, they are as the rain, the droplets precipitating into the channels; the tributaries to the sea that I am. A writer once said, “BEFORE God opens the door you knock on, praise Him in the hallways”. I am certain the writer got your password too and I am certain it worked well for him as it has since worked for me and will once again and the very many times I will use it to access you, work for me, all the days of my life.

I have window shopped beautiful things all my life, preferring the sight of beauty over the beauty of sight. I have grumbled over wants, underplaying the blessings of the steady provision of needs. I out of the nothingness of human knowledge, assumed I could beat life at tic-tac/noughts and crosses, but for your love, I would have been beat down, crushed to pulp or dust. This love no man could conceive, this love showered on a misfit, this love beyond what any heart could perceive, this love to which I am undeserving and unfit, a love beyond that of fathers to sons, a love so encapsulating, engulfing and enchanting. I have loved crafts, ignoring the craftsman but the craftsman’s love is undeterred and in no respite. Thank you ceaselessly for your endless love, my lover, father and friend.

Dear Lord, it isn’t at all greedy to want riches, my father in heaven owns all the riches in the world. Asking for a portion is asking the inheritance of son-ship. I imagined a dog trainer having 20 dogs, some athletic, some instinctive. Every time a dog goes out to earn a medal, a trophy and several other platitudes, the dog owner owns the trophy, not the dog. So is the riches of this world, regardless of who owns it, the ultimate owner is you and you decide who you allot it to. Bless me with the riches of the world that I may reach the reaches of the poles of the world with my arm stretched out, outreaching to the needy and blessing the world.

Dear Lord, you know I have not waited to earn millions so as to apportion a percentage to charity. Of the little I own, I have blessed the few I can reach. Expand my reach that I may bring your love to the lives that needs enriching. Teach me the secrets to a health of wealth and to the wealth of health that I may bring wellness to folks and healing to the oppressed. Bless me in wits, that I may break grounds, set records and break them, become a standard and a point of contact for those seeking to live and lead a good life. I crave not a normal story, I for one, I’m the abnormal son of an uncommon God. I crave a story that cannot be defined, a story that becomes a theme song, a testament of glory and the redefining of miracles and wonders.

Bless me with such unbelievable blessings, that I may say Ha-ha! Like I have arrived and the world will say Haha! in utter amazement of a never heard of wonder.


Your son

Taiwo Oladele


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