THE LEGEND- OLADELE (Tribute a Man and a Father)



Death is inevitable. Even the best of us will die. We all must die, giants and dwarfs, rich and poor, death is inescapable. Papa too died, but not to me, not to my twin, not to my sister. Papa lived, Papa lives, Papa lives on.

Papa to us was a well-guarded secret, like a map to a treasure chest, well kept in the innermost chambers of our heart. Only Papa was the map, the treasure and what you’d find even in the said chambers

Michael Kunle Oladele, was and is to us, a legend. He was everything and more. He was something different, a serial role player to everyone he came across and was doing it at best even when it wasn’t easy at all. And yes, you may not have known him, but, I’d like to give you a chance to meet my father.

Every time made a just call, made a right decision that kept me out of harm, I always knew, his voice and his words guided me. Even in death, when the boulder falls where I would have been, I smile and say, Papa, I think that was you, my guardian angel watching from above. And if I was to describe him in a short sentence, I’d say “My father, My Angel”.

This entire write-up cannot even describe the complete essence of the man he was. This is just 3 kids who thoroughly misses their dad and who would rather celebrate the man he was than disrespect his memories by being mournful.

TaiwoFather, everything and more

I always knew this day would come!

Days I’d grasp to unravel fleeting memories

Reaching the back of my mind to relish the playback,

of the hearty laughs that echoed through time,

of the booming scolds that stood the world still,

of the soothing coos of father’s voice,

of the perfection of a person from within a flawed man

Cos these lot made a man a father

A mass of veins and muscles

A rock, solid as the ageless pyramids,

in whose stand we stand, in whose fight we won


I could cry away from prying eyes

Under running shower, where even I cannot separate these tears

But father’s tribute is a love poem, devoid of sentiment

Father’s ode is of unsung heroics, of a cape-less superhero

And my tears would only soil the flowing linens of his memory


Father was a shield, a million blows and many scars

Scars so hid, he’d only show his shiny side

Father was a shield; father was a shade

From the scorch, the brazen cold and the harsh whips of life

Father was a shield, father was the truth


Kehinde- Meet My Father

“A father is the male parent of a child. A biological father is the male genetic contributor to the creation of the infant, through intercourse or sperm donation”. (Wikipedia, 07, 2020).

For me what qualifies a man to be called a father is far-more than this, my father as a case study.

I will try to define who a father is, stay with me!
A man who takes responsibility for his children and other children, that’s my father, that’s a father. A man who would take long rides to anywhere just to show up for his children, that’s my father, that’s a father. A man who doesn’t care about having too little, that he’d give it all to his children, that’s my father, that’s a father. A man who; regardless of the time of the day, would spring into action to get you out of any situation; a problem solver, that’s my father, that’s a father. A man who said “no matter how many children he had, even if a mad woman bore him a child,  he’d train them all, that’s my father, that’s a father. A man who wouldn’t sleep at night, to keep an eye on the welfare of every member of his family, that’s my father, that’s a father.
A man who single-handedly provided electricity for the town he ruled as a chief, to provide opportunities and better living for the people of his community, extending his love to the community, even so without the support of the government or the people of the community. Again, that’s my father, that’s a father. A man who will not fold his arms and watch an innocent person suffer an undeserved fate or injustice, that’s my father, that’s a father. A man who taught his children to be upstanding and of moral values and exemplarily stood by the precepts of those values throughout his entire lifetime. “I’m a police officer, if any of you commits a crime, I will hand you over to the police myself” that’s my father, that’s a father.

Miracle- My Father, My Angel

I heard angels don’t die

Rather they transcend into the heavens,

The heaven in our hearts

I air an ode not an elegy

In celebration of a life well spent


An ode to a lion by act

His crown in place;

A ruler, a king, a father

Bears a character of care,

with unflinching strength as that of many knights put together


An ode to a dove

Beautiful in and out

Meek, humble in spirit

An emblem of purity,

a description of integrity


An ode to my father

With legacy to build upon

Steps to follow and surpass

Forever, your strength is a model;

to my weakness

‘morrow and everyday after

You remain stamped in my heart

Fly on eagle’s wings my Angel

Written by Taiwo, Kehinde and Miracle Oladele, edited and compiled by Taiwo Oladele, in loving memory of Late Chief Michael, Kunle OLADELE.


Always and forever in our hearts

14 thoughts on “THE LEGEND- OLADELE (Tribute a Man and a Father)

  1. Wow! This is really thoughtful. When we actually think of it, in death is life because the memories never dies or fade away, they remain clear every time we revel in it, accompanied by tears and smiles…I imagine the great man he was but I’m certain you three will never forget who he is because he lived with you and now lives in you.

    Happy Posthumous birthday to your Legend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Not all heroes have capes, not all angels have wings and most of them we do not know till they’re gone
    Dead in flesh but never in our hearts.
    Rest on Papa
    Happy Posthumous Birthday

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Heaven reclaimed a treasure we know you’re getting a birthday serenade from the angels. Sending my best to the family.
    Rest on papa.
    Happy posthumous birthday

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy Post Humous Birthday Sir, you’ve raised Wonderful Children who will Continually Thrive and Excel because of the Value you Inculcated in them..
    Rest on And Continue to Smile and be proud at the Exploit of your Children as you rest on in the Blossom of the Almighty…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! This definitely brought tears to my eyes. Papa does live on, for death is merely a transition. Happy posthumous birthday Sir Oladele, you left behind beautiful humans who will always make you proud. Be strong you guys💪✨

    Liked by 1 person

  6. May his gently saint soul rest in peace ….. We are here in this world for nothing but to put good deed and die….just like you said ” Death is inescapable” whether the rich dream it , he shall die. Whether the poor dream it ,his breathing shall halt. Whether the ruler talks it , he can’t escape it. Whether the ruled know or not ,one day he shall fell it fact it’s the debt we all must pay, it the promise we shall both fulfill, the young , the aged ,woman and man ..death is the only just thing to happen to every soul….


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