27, Destiny close,

Providence lodge,

Faith on fate Boulevard,

A place in location and allocation,

Somewhere under the endless roof.

This day and month in the year of our Lord.


Office of the Almighty,

The unseen headquarters,

The skyscraper in the very sky,

A place called heaven.

LETTER TO GOD (Blasphemy)

Dear God,

            I take a break from my conquest of 7 letters to make an outburst. The event that influenced the break and the topic also broke me. There’s only a lot a sane person can take in a world laden with madness, seethed with hatred, intolerance and an abhorrence of all that is sensible, right and true. Isn’t it outrageous that man; a creature of creation, created “gods” and touches of hallowed divinity, made so sacred that common reasoning that doesn’t conform with the dictates of the creations of the creation is sacrilegious and blasphemous?.

 I take reference from Letter to God- 1

            Dear God, I hope you know we serve decentralized versions of you, here on earth? Each man abusing his freewill, each tribe defining its god, a taste of culture and the design of their creative ingenuity in the craft of an image carved on the pedestals of time, engraved and etched into the hearts of men, to worship however is defined of the service of his forebears. In the disillusionment of men and the madness of our hearts, in our darkness and utter drunkenness, we have been beguiled and bedeviled by the bewitchment of all that is evil and vile. That a man could conceive to destroy a life he cannot make, in the name of a god he made in his own heart. For how does a sane man destroy a life in a crusade started in the advocacy of a lifeless figurine? How then does a man with the correctness of mind, of sound reason, walking in the light, conceive to fight for a god who should fight in his stead, jihading and crusading, revolting, raising hell and carnage, the “righteous minions of the grim reaper and the caretaker of hell?”

We are broken. Religion broke us. We are the broken link in the perfection of creation. How do we fix us?

I fell out of love with this world, out of place with the madness herein, where nothing the man thus touch seems right or even right-side-up, where common sense is up-side-down. There is a level of degradation and erosion of the freewill of the chief inhabitant of this world; man. Even worse to imagine is; what erodes the sanctity and sanity of man is that which by his own imagination, he created and passed down the steep side of the decline of common sense.

Can we create a new religion, one which is faithful to common sense, logic as the doctrine, humanity will be the core teaching and love as the law. A congregation of free-thinkers, un-hypnotized by the illusion of a divinity created by man. In a world unconsumed and not ravaged by thoughtless and sheepish indoctrinations. Devoid of the ambitiously cruel positioning of God as a vile image that demands the restitution of sin by the steep price of the life He himself created.

I take again, a cue from Letter to God-4

One thing I can say emphatically and mostly because I can express my thoughts with no recompense is, there is God, not according to any and all of the human dictates, but there is a God, somewhere, anywhere in the vastness of time, what and how He does what He does is totally His knowing. Right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, goodness and evil; all are according to the manly defines and comparative boundaries drawn from the trenches of the imagination of man and to say a man blasphemes God by human standards is to speak for God like He was a deaf and dumb mute, to act for God like He was a lame, crippled mule, to think for God like He was thoughtless and clueless of what goes on in the world He oversees like a comatose king ruling the affairs of men, to impersonate and personify God, humanizing the very essence of divinity and to be irreverent of the all-reaching, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-doing, greatness we so loudly speak about. In a free country devoid of the sentimentality that beguiles good thinking, freedom and ingenuity, I’d say that in itself is heretic and blasphemous.

            We have been bedeviled by the holiest of principles around the human-folk. Bedeviled by the assumed unassuming blueprints of religion with which we now plague ourselves. The man on tunic is afraid of his brother walking past in a turban, just as the man who embraces peace as a religion is afraid of the other men. We have created a tense continuum, the replica of the Yoruba proverb where the hen perches on a rope and just as the rope is tensed, the hen feels uneasy. Such that every man is wary of what he says and the how he says it. I am uncritical about religion, humanity and morality chiefs my heart and is the foundation of all religion. That and the gracious, forgiving and loving God attributes which all religions print and preach. But to paint God a chauvinist, as an unforgiving, retaliating, cannibalistic and wrathful divine being is unfathomable and that from the pristine elite is just disheartening.

If God was such vile, cruel and wrathful, I doubt the sodomy, the destruction and the dastard unrepentant nature of man should have earned us fire, hail and brimstone by now.

            Dear God, I rest my pen, my queries are innumerable, I write of the content of a heart which to you is a well-known chorus of a song you love. I am the expression of praise to you in words.

Thanks for always

Your son

Taiwo Oladele


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