Ever since I could tell the difference between a boy and a girl, then a man and a woman, I have always wanted to have a girl child. If I didn’t, I’d adopt one. I do not know when this sentimental love for the female gender seeped through and established domain in my mind, but I found myself fantasizing about having a first girl child that would twin her daddy, long before I had my first kiss. This kind of thinking isn’t common with men of the rich dark skin, men of African origin and/or men of Nigeria, especially the Yoruba tribe and I was soon to understand this wasn’t a Nigerian thing, it was something of the world. You’d find it everywhere on the map, like an airborne contagion, not a continent is spared.

Not the thought of having a female child, that is something personal. Next to racism, you’d find it just as menacing that gender inequalities, discrimination, violence and injustice against the female gender is as ubiquitous as flies to the world of man. Yes, you could almost call it a man’s world.

Mulan; the legend was set in the tortuous, constantly warring world of man. Discrimination, reproach and a slanderous benchmark that keeps the girl child, however brilliant, talented or gifted, from reaching her dreams. Enough to make a girl wish she was a boy.
Why can’t a woman be who she’s destined to be?

He’s a girl?!

To become invincible in a world of men, a woman has to become a man. This is the bane of the existence of a woman, in a world, a society that is rigged to favor muscle, power and the crease of a trouser. I have recently learned that, when push comes to shove, the woman too can become the man the world wants to see. Strong, fierce, rock and sturdy.

But what then happens to who she’s meant to be and who she wants to be?

The world is unfairly a man’s world. True the woman has her ways. Her charm, her whims and the grace of her allure that swings unyielding doors wide open and brings the nectar straight to her plates.
But why won’t she be given an equally fair chance to be, to do and to be revered for being?

Define an ambitious woman to a sexist man and you get a big joke, but even when a man cries, a woman’s resolve breathes through it all.
A woman too can lead. A woman too can wield and when the sword falls swiftly on a soul, a woman too will bleed for what she believes and when sons die, a woman too can save the day. You see, the place of sons cannot be overemphasized in the world, just as the place of women shouldn’t be downplayed. A daughter means everything to a father. To a father who’s risen above discrimination. Who’s employed reasoning to give a child a fair chance to succeed in spite of gender, who hasn’t lived in the faux of culture and religion and the bias of societal norms and beliefs.

I always imagined, if all women in the woman, in their billions and strength, came together, they’d dominate the world and for a moment in the movie, I thought the women would join forces and become invincible. But our paths are different, our purposes unique to individuals and our duties are just never the same. But we are not parallels, when visions are alike, the lines would converge and the woman who moves a rock will create a path for the other women to pass through.

The movie

Nikola Jean Caro MNZM directed the live-action version of Disney’s of Mulan 2020, making her the second female and the second New Zealand director hired by Disney. And to this end, she delivered a well-controlled, well-paced and well told story that conceptualized the ills of a society that undermines the power of the female gender. A story of a girl that became a warrior, whose exploits became a story and the story, a legend.

From consistency and continuity, to great screenplay, good music choice, right parlance of setting, plot and storytelling and brilliant casting, to the exquisite props and great attention to details. The movie is rated 8.5 of 10. Perfect deployment of melancholy, of mystery and sentiments. Great dialogue. Occasional twists that kept the movie interesting. Great wit and good display of virtues. The best plot twist for me was the Witch taking the heroic lunge for the protagonist.
The consistency of the young Hua Mulan chasing a rooster on the roof and the fight scene with Bori Khan of the Roran Horde is laudable.

However, no good movie is without flaws. The goodbye scene was predictable and the sentiment of Bori Khan killing the Emperor by certain means and by his own hands was over played. The Emperor could have died a thousand deaths while Mulan ran the stretch, fighting off the horde to get to the emperor, long before she got to save him.
Overall, the movie is a great combination of great life lessons. Touching and explicating on the tenets of family, friendship, loyalty, fealty, passion, breaking the norms, chasing dreams, virtue and bravery. It is an epic story that preaches the very defines of what the current world and the generation needs.

Some of my favorite quotes from the movie are;

  • How much gold can a nomad carry (practical for the sojourner which we are in the world). No man can carry his wealth with him/her when the move comes
  • If you can employ your energy to your advantage, 4 ounces can move a thousand pounds (high end motivation) nothing is impossible for a man who wouldn’t only try but will channel strengths and resources to actualize his goals.
  • Who knows who will live past tomorrow. We may never see again. (a wake-up call) to live each day as a blessing. Embracing the moment and going all out.
  • There’s no courage without fear
  • You cannot allow your father’s legacy to hold you back, cultivate your own chi (energy)

Addendum: when you muster the strength to master your art, you fly in places you would normally run. That excellent feeling is magical, unlike any other feeling in the world.

8 thoughts on “Mulan- the equator (A movie review)

  1. Amazing write up which links up so many for girl child to grasp, Feminism is a fight for all. But the intriguing part is many Ladies are just fighting this war while loosing their purpose as a woman


  2. No doubt!
    We live in a world where males are more appreciated as per strength. But again, we need to always have it in mind that; “Being fair is all about equity and not equality.”

    Every Material has its own purpose


  3. I was lucky to get your review few hours after watching the movie. It sinks better. The struggles and the lessons, the blessings too. Just like in the movie, we have to keep trying, we cannot give up and one day, our four ounces will not only move a thousand pounds but also displace it.

    Well done sir!

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  4. This well carved article teaches the reason to follow every scene of the play or drama or movie…for though movie may seems like a fiction to me but it’s an indisputable fact that my screenplay were born from womb of the daily happening…. I watched the movie, little I was touched by the firm determination of girl child to not let the good story of his family relegate…but this article reminds more of the happening in the movie , among is ” To never listen to the crowd once you have determined to do the needful” should the girl listened to voice of her people ,she won’t had made a very traceable mark that inspired Oladele Taiwo and everyone.

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