The internet has made the world smaller. The world is a vast space reaching beyond the stretch of any man. It is no strange fact that no man can journey the entirety of the world in a day. Maybe if we all had the enthusiasm Wiley Post, we could, but most certainly not in a day. Maybe 7 days, 18 hours and 49 minutes like the aviator, maybe more; the world may just be a lot bigger than it was that year, maybe less, with the advent of high speed transportation. But even with rocket shoes and jetpacks, it’d still take a lot more than 1 day.

However as I write this, I have surfed the vastness of the waters and sands of the world as I kickback, lazing around on my student sized bed. And it is just some minutes past 9 in the morning.

The internet is a web that connects us all together. A bridge between what’s here and what is there, what is- what was and what may just come to be. Such that, I, a Nigerian can almost feel the walls cave and the grounds quake in far Alaska and Fiji, feel the despair in Syria, hear the artilleries and rockets drop in Yemen, see shattered skulls and severed limbs from the car bombs in Kabul, while dealing with the heartbreak of lives lost, cover ups and theatrics of the villain league of the 20/10/2020 Lekki fiasco (to put it mildly).

We have hash-tagged, campaigned, prayed for, supported and made donations on crowd-funding aids to the displaced, the bereaved and the aggrieved. We have shared pain, thrills and everything in between. The SM (social media) is the bridge between us all.

There’s a twist however, something rather unsettling about it all. Like being stuffed in a barrel and pushed off the steep of a mountain, it is constantly revolving/evolving. It doesn’t stop to take a minute silence or to celebrate a victory longer than a second and this makes us all look like charlatans; how in split seconds we go from gloomy to cheery, angry to docile, from a movement to noises, then to mere murmurs and then a deafening silence and how we glorify it all with even more hash-tags…

However insensitive, we jump on it, we tweet and retweet, post and repost. I bet you didn’t see that coming. I am sore vexed.
11 days ago, comrades fell to the double edged sword of injustice. The homes of the deceased have not recovered from the shock and may never recover from the loss. The families of the missing are still having sleepless nights, nightmarish days and denouncing the evil thoughts that form in their heads that they just might never see their loved ones again. The cover-up stories litter the newspaper and the dramatics of the barrister cum detective, “You know who vs The red of the armed forces flag” goes on and on and what did we do? We meuved.

We looked them in the face; the ones who died for the cause and we mocked them, the ones who were dehumanized and would carry the scars till they die, the ones rotting somewhere, fed to stay alive and beaten to pulp cos we do not know their whereabouts. We distastefully demeaned their sacrifices cos we moved. We moved a tad too quick and it feels like nothing, absolutely nothing happened.

True that humans are built to experience it all, thrills and triumphs and even so, switch between the extremes and of a truth, the movement was hijacked, attacked by power wielding, centric individuals, reduced to mere noises by the greedy gluttons who sought to fill their bellies rather than persevere for better future for selves and the coming generation. We seem to have forgotten in a haste what we fought for, what we wanted to achieve, the value of lives paid for the prize and that in spite, we are still oppressed, still held hostage in our own land, the tyrants still chief the thrones, villains still roam the streets and the Nigerian justice is a big bosomed prostitute, the leaders take turns to rape her.

Call me cynic or a sadist, I respect the can do spirit of Nigerians, the unquenchable spirit, the one that would smile and light up the world despite being crushed under the weight of a boulder, but I do not see why we must allow dusts to settle on the gains of the past few weeks. Why we have to make do with suffering and smiling and/or being indifferent when the reality of our situation is, nothing is different. I do not rally people to destruction or violence, far from it, I am a man of peace, I love life but not the way we live it here. I rather rally people to action, to persistence, to continuity. We have raised our voices, let us not move in acceptance of the status quo and let us move in solidarity, in continuance of an agitation that yields positive changes. The world has heard us, all eyes on Nigeria and what we bring out of all these. Let us not move onto complacency, let us rally, let the conversation continue, let us become a force no oppression can muzzle.

I make no promises that we will become Canada or Australia overnight, even those countries have their own issues. However with concerted effort, if we only persist long enough, persevere, create structure, amalgamate our demands and construct the process, if we could muster our skills, our strengths and our brilliance and channel positive energies with thoughtfulness, impetus and wit, we could shake the world, tear down fiefdoms and break the tax masters dynasty and at the long run achieve the world we envisioned for ourselves and our children born and unborn.

If we must move, let us move the world.

8 thoughts on “WE MOVE (MEUVE)

  1. This is apparently an enthused outcry that I wish could further and farther reach every Nigerian youth. I am bemused by the throes of the w-righter and I can’t but wish I could do the same. I see this as an alarming clarion call to all once-fervent Nigerians who all seem given to deep slumbers now. Yesterday, there was a ’cause’ to fight for, a curse to avert and today, maybe, tomorrow as well, there’s a course to remind us of our unsung heroes.

    However, it is quite obvious now that Nigerian youths, the writer I inclusive are less prepared because ‘justice is not just-ease’ or perhaps, because ‘One man can not change the world.’
    This reminds me of Femi’s ‘The New Man’ where Ayo Adebanjo strived to rain and reign silver waters on rusted pans of a town he found himself by profession which led his fate to war against his faith and resulted in catastrophic premonition as warned by the residents/locals.

    Without mincing words, the ‘we meuve’ slang or term that spells end of the protest is understandable and grandly predictable. Why?
    1. The uprise began as an #EndSars protest through social media which became a wildfire that flared globally. We need to be reminded that, it was never a calculated tactic.
    2. The #EndSars protest is one thing, catalysing a change in the government for better is another.
    Hasn’t the EndSars protest achieved its aims? No SARS again but enforced SWAT.
    3. There’s no coordinated sense of spirited unionism. No vouched leaders, no delegates but each zone protesting, thinking the oldies on seats aren’t wiser or aging youths.
    4. If threats could have silenced the protests or outcries, what would death have. This is a prove that threat is even greater than death, we fear death and forget the deceased overnight. Isn’t this awe-mazing!
    We are in a country where everything happens in reversed standard.
    Once again, the EndSars protest had a predictable end, like the tale of a Sacrificer sacrificed.

    If at all, there would be a kind of re-emergence of such, like the coming of the Messiah (likened to the thief(s) in the night), then, we, youths, should be more aware, prepared, coordinated, towards a united spirit of oneness without cultural barriers which ignore differences rather than respecting them.
    I charge Each One reading this to Teach One to know.
    Accolades to the awakened mind behind this resourcefulness.


  2. Taiwo Oladele, you have my golden accolade…..kudos

    ….all I could say is ” one day the coward shall be bold ” and that’s when they begin to reason the same way the bold ones do, that is when they started seeing beyond the box( Religion and tribe)…This our generation has awakened the wise slumbers and soon those pretending sleeping or not hearing alarm will soon rise up when the mosquitoes have them suck more ….


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