How do you feel staying in the dark? Scared and sad right?
Imagine feeling like that every day, every second. That is what depression feels like. Living in a dark dark place, scared and unhappy. 
Very bad, I know.


Depression is drowning in the darkest, coldest and deepest part of sea. It is that feeling of helplessness, danger and doom engulfing and threatening you’re existence. Depression is the death of the soul of life (living) and the fabric of existence (joy)


How does one die each day only to live everyday because he/she has a few cusps of breathe left inside?

How does a person live the life of a victim of the wars in his head and the battles he fights, survives to become a victor only to be a victim again and again in a vicious cycle that peels his humanity away like a piece of yam?

How does a person carry the culprit’s guilt, the victim’s anxiety and the survivor’s pain in one body, holding a storm together till it tears him into shreds?

Depression is all of these, depression is more than this, depression every of those other feelings that breaks you down and crushes you.


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